Thursday, 9 June 2011

LUDs Committee Meeting Minutes (Monday 6th June)

Monday 6th June 2011
In Attendance:
Sam Butler (SB)
Luke Barton (LB)
Martin Poile (MP)
Fenella Corrin (FC)
Allie Hearne (AH)
Lauren Mooney (LM)
Branwen Jones  (BJ)
Maggie Hayes (MH)
Ali Clarke (AC)

Tom Ready (TR)
Rio Matchett (RM)

- LB raises issue of purchasing LUDs video camera for filming performances. Whole committee vote in favour.
FC to look into costs.
- Props cupboard to be cleared at the beginning of next semester - making a log of what/where everything is.
- Discussion on performing in Abercrombie Square/Carnatic during Fresher's Week -(potentially an exert from Cage Birds?) 
- SB raises idea of using clipboards outside of the Freshers Fair to ease congestion around the stall and make it easier to sign up. 
- LM to sort out booklets/flyers for Freshers Fair in order to publicise the upcoming LUDs shows/events.
- MH re raises 'devised piece' idea with the possible stimulus 'YOUTH' - try to involve local youth groups. MH to contact Emma at the Everyman Theatre to create links and collaborate with wider community. 
- Committee discuss provisional dates for the Ghost Tour (31st October) followed by LUDs Halloween social.

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