Monday, 28 February 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Fest' 2011 - The Cagebirds

Due to our success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, LUDS have decided to send another play up this year:

The play we are taking up is The Cagebirds by David Campton. 'Birds in a cage live, each totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics. When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by the mistress in charge of them, she endeavours to persuade them to break out from their self-imposed dependence and imprisonment into the wider world outside - but her efforts result only in her own destruction at their hands.'

Everyone is welcome to audition and get involved, however, being involved is a massive commitment of both your time and your wallet. Rehearsals during July are very intense and you will be required to pay for your own travel, food, and bording. But ask anyone who has been involved in the fringe fest production before and they will tell you how wonderfull the experience is.

The play was originally written for 8 women but we will be casting the parts with whoever is most suited to them, male or female. Auditions will be in the first two weeks after Easter (weeks 11 and 12 of term) and more info will be going out about this nearer the time.

We will be performing at Greenside Venues Studio One from the 6th to 13th August meaning we will be in Edinburgh from the 4th to settle in, start flyering and have the tech run.

For more information please get in contact with Gemma, the director via facebook or on

Keep checking the blog for more information regarding the upcoming LUDS v.s. LUST charity basketball match and other wonderful events.

Monday, 21 February 2011

LUDS Goes 21st Century!

Thanks to our Co-Publicity officer Luke Barton and our Tech and Backstage officer Gemma Sapp, LUDS has taken a generational leap forward by having one of those cool barcode thingies which, when scanned on your smart phone, will take you straight to the Liverpool Drama blog; the articulation and choice of vocabulary in that last sentsence will show you that I myself have no idea how these things work, so if you have any questions, click on one of the two names above.

In other news, Henry Bell who plays Reverend Cheesy-Balls in Importance is officially the best baker in LUDS. Anybody who wishes to contest that title is required to deliver a cake (preferably chocolate) of no less than 30cm in diameter to Igor Memic as soon as possible for judging.

In Harvey, Chris Kay has a camera phone which has the ability to make any rehearsal appear as though it were the setting of a low-budget yet carefully lit porn film. Evidence of which will be brought to you shortly.

And in Road, someone has committed suicide... Either that or I don't understand the game.

All the best,
The LUDS Committee xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Comedy Show Line-Up

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who came along to the Performing Arts Ball on Thursday, you all looked beautiful, and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

The cast for this term's sketch show - Pandemonium directed by Ronald Worrell - has just been released, and it is as follows:

Pandemonium directed by Ronald Worrell

Alex Pardey - Negg the Caveman
Kiran Bhandari - Dr. Hotshot
Jon Steven Neil - Thomas Edison
Chris Worrall - The Biebernator
Chi Chi Nwokoro - Mary Seacole
Shuo Sun - Miss Port Antonio
Nipuna Sunath Jayatunge - Chairman of Cheap-as-Chips
Richard Evans - Jeremus
Chris Wardle - Centurion
Gideon Essien - Robert Magabe
Precious Marie Badger - Amy "The Haemorrhoids Girl"
James Nixon - Emperor of China
Maryam Barzegar - Helen of Troy
Meggan Pye - Florence Nightingale

Voice actors:
Fenella Corrin - News Reporter/ Adverts
Alex Milward - Train Announcer/ Adverts

We're sure it's gonna be a good one.

Much love!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Welcome to Liverpool Drama Blogspot

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for Liverpool University Drama Society.

This blog will provide you with news, updates, and gossip regarding this term's productions and general Luds events. The blog will be updated weekly with progress updates and pictures from our four directors this terms as well as messages from the Luds committee.

As Promised; here is the complete cast list for this term's productions:

Death and the Maiden - Directed by Grace Kelly

Lindsey Henderson - Paulina Salas
Luke Barton - Gerardo Escobar
Sam Butler - Roberto Miranda

Harvey - Directed by Chris Kay

Alastair Clark - Elwood P. Dowd
Amber Brown - Veta Louise Simmons
Lauren Brighton - Myrtle Mae Simmons
Martin Poile - Dr. Lyman Sanderson
Leah von Fragstein - Nurse Ruth Kelly
Ed Hidden - Dr. William Chumley
Steve Andrew - Wilson
Shakeel Quader - Omar Gaffney
Jessica Beare - Betty Chumley
Carmen Sands - Mrs Chauvenet/Cabby

The Importance of Being Earnest - Directed by Jamie Macdougall

Chris Matus - Jack Worthing
Igor Memic - Algernon Moncrieff
Ruth Dalton - Gwendolyn Dairfax
Kat Denham - Cecily Cardew
Mia Rees - Lady Bracknell
Henry Bell - Rev. Chasuble
Prudence Beaumont - Miss Prism

Road - Directed by Connie Flint

Harriet Milstead - Scullery
Phil Kent - Brink/Curt
Matt Simba Pieterse - Eddie/Professor
Isham R Redwank - Skinlad/Brian
Rory Dickinson - Joey/Soldier
Zoe Wiles - Louise/Dor
Lydia Marston - Carol/Lane
Allie Hearne - Clare/Helen
Mary Cooper - Molly/Valerie/Linda
Catherine Fahy - Marion/Brenda