Friday, 13 May 2011

LUDS Committee Meeting Minutes (Friday 13th May)

Friday 13th May 2011
In Attendance:
Sam Butler (SB)
Luke Barton (LB)
Martin Poile (MP)
Fenella Corrin (FC)
Allie Hearne (AH)
Lauren Mooney (LM)
Branwen Jones  (BJ)
Maggie Hayes (MH)
Ali Clarke (AC)

Tom Ready (TR)
Rio Matchett (RM)

- SB and LB decided date for pitching (Monday 6th June).
- Confirmed deadline for pitching as Friday 3rd June.
- Directors Workshop meeting confirmed for Friday 20th May, 12-2, Guild Library. Discussed potential director’s involvement.
- Handed over society email details.
- SB and LB discuss organisation of committee for the next year.
- Agendas to be arranged with MP before meetings and agreement to publish minutes on blog.
- Fortnightly meetings agreed and continuation of open committee meeting policy.
- Discussion of committee roles, helping each other and improved communication between committee members.
- Discussion of future Guild policy, meeting with new Guild Presidents and performing arts society Presidents.
- Discussion of possibility of performing shows outside the Guild (e.g Kazamier), issues of funds raised.
- Idea of discount tickets for intersociety members using MH for English and AC for Philosophy.
- Option of renting Eleanor Rathbone Theatre discussed.
- Discussion on Scribble. AC outlines ideas for next year including, monthly sketch show, review show, confirmation of Ghost Tour and plays written by Scribble for second semester. Possibility of Fairytales in schools project.
- Discussion of the possibility of a separate table for Scribble at Fresher’s Fair and agreement of name change to ‘LUDScribble’.
- LM raises issue of website, emphasis on importance as an advertising tool for prospective student, kept regularly updated by LM and TR. Link on wesbite for blog and discussion of video blog for Edinburgh. Other ideas include director’s blog and fresher’s experience blog.
- Discussion of productions being filmed, AC mentions options of various website accounts. Committee agree to AC setting up a LUDS Youtube Channel.
- LM suggests possible DVD of shows. AC and FC to investigate costs.
- LUDS hoodies raised by AH, agreement to look into Big Pitch runners up and relative of FC to be investigated by LB.
- Discussion of new Facebook group, LB to send out email regarding change.
- FC to arrange meeting with Greg Perry (previous treasurer)
- AH discusses social ideas for next year, including welcome social, beach trip, theatre trips and hitchhike social.
- MH raises option to perform at ‘Long Night Festival’ after success of last years.
- Discussion of structure of welcome meeting, SB raises idea of separate ‘mini welcome fair. LB raises optionto perform play at Welcome Fair and organise events at Halls during Fresher’s Week.
- SB raises importance of inviting schools to every show and addresses option of attendance at dress rehearsals.
- Committee wide discussion about connections with schools
- MH raises question of involvement of smaller projects with the LUDS calendar, option of a pitching style forum after the Welcome Meeting.
- BJ raises issue of props cupboard.
- Possible intersociety inventory.
- LM raises option of LUDS advertising booklets to be costed by LM, TR and FC.
- MH raises option of university printing service for posters.
- Agreement on date of next committee meeting to be Monday 6th June.

Meeting adjourned. 

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