Monday, 19 September 2011

LUDS Committee Meeting Minutes (Friday 16th September)

16th September 2011
13.00- 14.30

In Attendance:
Sam Butler
Luke Barton
Martin Poile
Maggie Hayes
Lauren Mooney
Tom Ready
Branwen Jones
Fenella Corrin
Allie Hearne
Alastair Clarke

Rio Matchett

Committee discuss production of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ for 400th anniversary event. Offered advertising/direction/funding.
Decision to go ahead with the project is made.
SB and LB to look into funding opportunities.
Potential date set as 12th November for a one off performance.
Looking into Eleanor Rathbone for performance space if possible.

Shakespeare in School: MH to write up letter to offer help with monologues/GCSE work in schools and ask about dates/times of potential workshops.

The funding of four main productions and Scribble to be considered more seriously.
SB suggests inventory of everything in props/costume cupboard.
Ask directors to submit budget and show BJ before buying/signing off any new props or costume.
Week commencing 3rd October set aside as Props/Costume Cupboard Week.

MH to look into National Lottery funding for community projects.

Fresher’s Fair: Luds have been allocated a stall in the Stanley.
Other committee members to be dotted around campus signing up other Freshers with clipboards.
LM produces LUDS flyers – decision against the synopses of the shows on these flyers.
Scribble flyers also handed out on the LUDS stall. AC, LM and TR to be the three people manning the stall on the day.

AH to organise Road cast to perform excerpts for Society Social and at Fresher’s Fair on the stage.
Society Social on 21st September, merging with Peace Day at 16.30-18.00.

LUDS welcome meeting on 26th September, 18.30 in MacAusland Lounge.

Audition dates/times for four main productions decided and confirmed as follows:
27th September:
Hub Training Room – 1-6pm = Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Training Room – 1-6pm = Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Guild Library – 6-10.30pm = Matilda Liar!
MacAusland Lounge – 7-10.30 = Party
28th September:
Hub Training Room – 1-6pm = Matilda Liar!
MacAusland – 1-6pm = Party
Harold Wilson – 6-10.30pm = Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Training Room – 6-10.30 = Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Recalls: 29th September
Hub Training Room – 5-10.30pm = Matilda Liar!
Harold Wilson – 7-10.30pm = Party
MacAusland Lounge – 5-10.30pm = Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Training Room – 5-10.30pm = Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Performance dates:
Accidental Death of an Anarchist: 9-11th November @ MacAusland Lounge
Matilda Liar! : 16th-18th November @ MacAusland Lounge
Party: 23-25th November @MacAusland Lounge /(possibility of using JEB?)
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead: 30th – 1st December @ Stanley Theatre.

LM created new LUDS Flickr account over the summer – plans to edit website, make more exciting/accessible.
AC to ask his dad about potential website design.
LM and TR to create LUDS Wikipedia page.

First LUDS social : Friday 30th September: Graffiti theme.
Discussion of using tags for each year group/person? AH and MP to discuss movements of evening in more detail.

MP to step in as social secretary in the absence of RM.

AH to create survey/collect details of interest for the possibility of a theatre trip.

Guild given funding to renovate the building so by March, JEB will be out of bounds as a performance space.

AH to look outside of university for potential performance spaces.

LB to ask about the possibility of having stage blocks from JEB to MacAusland.

Technical meeting with directors on Tuesday 4th October – MP to book room

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pitching Results 2011

Following the committee meeting on Monday 6th June, directors pitched plays to committee for the first semester next year. It was a very difficult decision in all, but we are pleased to tell you all that the following plays have been chosen for next term:

'The Accidental Death of an Anarchist' directed by Katy Syme

'Apologia' directed by Lauren Mooney

'Matilda Liar!' directed by Martin Poile

'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead' directed by Melissa Farrell

These are 4 fantastic plays, with a variety of different roles and characters up for grabs. There will also be several other opportunities to act/direct and everything else with many of the other projects that are currently being looked into by the Committee. We look forward to seeing you all at auditions next term!

LUDs Committee Meeting Minutes (Monday 6th June)

Monday 6th June 2011
In Attendance:
Sam Butler (SB)
Luke Barton (LB)
Martin Poile (MP)
Fenella Corrin (FC)
Allie Hearne (AH)
Lauren Mooney (LM)
Branwen Jones  (BJ)
Maggie Hayes (MH)
Ali Clarke (AC)

Tom Ready (TR)
Rio Matchett (RM)

- LB raises issue of purchasing LUDs video camera for filming performances. Whole committee vote in favour.
FC to look into costs.
- Props cupboard to be cleared at the beginning of next semester - making a log of what/where everything is.
- Discussion on performing in Abercrombie Square/Carnatic during Fresher's Week -(potentially an exert from Cage Birds?) 
- SB raises idea of using clipboards outside of the Freshers Fair to ease congestion around the stall and make it easier to sign up. 
- LM to sort out booklets/flyers for Freshers Fair in order to publicise the upcoming LUDs shows/events.
- MH re raises 'devised piece' idea with the possible stimulus 'YOUTH' - try to involve local youth groups. MH to contact Emma at the Everyman Theatre to create links and collaborate with wider community. 
- Committee discuss provisional dates for the Ghost Tour (31st October) followed by LUDs Halloween social.

Friday, 13 May 2011

LUDS Committee Meeting Minutes (Friday 13th May)

Friday 13th May 2011
In Attendance:
Sam Butler (SB)
Luke Barton (LB)
Martin Poile (MP)
Fenella Corrin (FC)
Allie Hearne (AH)
Lauren Mooney (LM)
Branwen Jones  (BJ)
Maggie Hayes (MH)
Ali Clarke (AC)

Tom Ready (TR)
Rio Matchett (RM)

- SB and LB decided date for pitching (Monday 6th June).
- Confirmed deadline for pitching as Friday 3rd June.
- Directors Workshop meeting confirmed for Friday 20th May, 12-2, Guild Library. Discussed potential director’s involvement.
- Handed over society email details.
- SB and LB discuss organisation of committee for the next year.
- Agendas to be arranged with MP before meetings and agreement to publish minutes on blog.
- Fortnightly meetings agreed and continuation of open committee meeting policy.
- Discussion of committee roles, helping each other and improved communication between committee members.
- Discussion of future Guild policy, meeting with new Guild Presidents and performing arts society Presidents.
- Discussion of possibility of performing shows outside the Guild (e.g Kazamier), issues of funds raised.
- Idea of discount tickets for intersociety members using MH for English and AC for Philosophy.
- Option of renting Eleanor Rathbone Theatre discussed.
- Discussion on Scribble. AC outlines ideas for next year including, monthly sketch show, review show, confirmation of Ghost Tour and plays written by Scribble for second semester. Possibility of Fairytales in schools project.
- Discussion of the possibility of a separate table for Scribble at Fresher’s Fair and agreement of name change to ‘LUDScribble’.
- LM raises issue of website, emphasis on importance as an advertising tool for prospective student, kept regularly updated by LM and TR. Link on wesbite for blog and discussion of video blog for Edinburgh. Other ideas include director’s blog and fresher’s experience blog.
- Discussion of productions being filmed, AC mentions options of various website accounts. Committee agree to AC setting up a LUDS Youtube Channel.
- LM suggests possible DVD of shows. AC and FC to investigate costs.
- LUDS hoodies raised by AH, agreement to look into Big Pitch runners up and relative of FC to be investigated by LB.
- Discussion of new Facebook group, LB to send out email regarding change.
- FC to arrange meeting with Greg Perry (previous treasurer)
- AH discusses social ideas for next year, including welcome social, beach trip, theatre trips and hitchhike social.
- MH raises option to perform at ‘Long Night Festival’ after success of last years.
- Discussion of structure of welcome meeting, SB raises idea of separate ‘mini welcome fair. LB raises optionto perform play at Welcome Fair and organise events at Halls during Fresher’s Week.
- SB raises importance of inviting schools to every show and addresses option of attendance at dress rehearsals.
- Committee wide discussion about connections with schools
- MH raises question of involvement of smaller projects with the LUDS calendar, option of a pitching style forum after the Welcome Meeting.
- BJ raises issue of props cupboard.
- Possible intersociety inventory.
- LM raises option of LUDS advertising booklets to be costed by LM, TR and FC.
- MH raises option of university printing service for posters.
- Agreement on date of next committee meeting to be Monday 6th June.

Meeting adjourned. 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

EdFringes, AGMs and Committees

As the summer approaches and exam fever gets underway, the LUDS year is drawing to a close once again, and that means several things. Firstly, we've had auditions for incipient LUDS Edinburgh Fringe show, The Cagebirds, and it's therefore our pleasure to announce that the cast will be:
The Long-Tongued Gossip: Katherine Denham
The Mirror-Eyed Gazer: Ruth Dalton
The Medicated Gloom: Luke Barton
The Regular Thump: Edward Hidden
The Constant Twitting: Lindsey Henderson
The Great Guzzler: Matthew Pieterse
The Wild One: Katy Syme
The Mistress: TBC
Director: Gemma Sapp
Assistant Director: Rebecca Cope

Congratulations to everyone whose audition was successful and best of luck with the show - hopefully lots of LUDSies will be able to get up to Edinburgh and see it, because it promises to be a corker and, let's face it, the Fringe is the only place for a luvvie to be in August.

Meanwhile, it's also been time for the Drama Society's Annual General Meeting, at which the committee for the year ahead is elected after lots of lovely speeches in a hot Guild room. This year, 2011-12, your committee will be:

Co-President: Sam Butler
Co-President: Luke Barton
Secretary: Martin Poile
Treasurer: Fenella Corrin
Social Secs: Allie Hearne and Rio Matchett
Community Sec: Maggie Hayes
Marketing and Publicity: Lauren Mooney and Tom Ready
Backstage and Technical: Branwen Jones
Head of Scribble: Ali Clark

Finally, and before this post starts looking like nothing but a big list of names, we can't discuss the LUDS calendar without mentioning that the event of the year is on the way: the Liverpool University Drama Annual Awards, or LUDAAs; aka our very own version of the Oscars. It's a great excuse for everyone to put on some excellent clothes (are we the best dressed society? We're certainly up there), eat a slap-up meal and have a jolly good dance. This year, they're being held on Tuesday 7th June 2011 at Noble House on Brunswick Street - so get your nominations sent in before the deadline, Wednesday 18th May.
So keep an eye on your emails for information on pitching for next semester, which should be along not too far in the future, and on this blog - and we hope to see you all at a knees-up very soon.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Goin t' Road

What an emotional rollercoaster! We didn't know what to expect from the 3rd LUDS play of the season; and what we got was a mixture of tears and laughter.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Well done guys!

Now, from the gritty north down to the glorious south. This week marks the start of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

6th, 7th, and 8th in the James E. Brown room, Liverpool Guild of Students, Brownlow Hill.

19:00 doors, 19:30 start. It's sure to be fabulous.

Enjoy! xx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Well Done Harvey!

Well done guys! Havey was fantastic. The actors were on point, the direction was perfect, and the laughs kept coming.

The clocks were even set forward 5 hours during the scene changes, even the harshest critics could not complain about that level of detail.

Crack open the Fray Bentos and Gravey, and get the coal fire started because Road is about to kick off!

7:30 curtains in the James E. Brown room, Liverpool Guild of Students, Brownlow Hill.

Break a leg guys!
The LUDS Committee xx

Monday, 21 March 2011

I so did not cry during Death and the Maiden

Ok... maybe just a little.

A massive well done to the cast and crew of the first show of the season; what a way to kick it off!

All jokes aside, I did see quite a number of people welling up towards the end of the show. If that isn't a sign of good theatre then I don't know what is!

Hope you're all excited about Harvey this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). I'm sure it's going to be wonderful! Break a leg guys!

The ever so loving LUDS Committee.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


A big well done to the cast and crew of the Pandemonium sketch-show. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

In other news, the aforemention LUDS v.s. LUST Charity Basketball match has been put to one side in favour of a... wait for it... LUDS v.s. LUST Charity Sports day! The day, provisionally set for the first weekend back after Easter, will consist of 5-a-Side, Rounders, Tug of War, Net Ball, and as promised; Basketball! Any other suggestions can be sent to either Igor Memic or Dion Jones. We'll let you know the details later on in the term.

It's Death and the Maiden next week. I hope you are all as excited as we are, because it's gonna be a blast!
Break a leg guys!


Monday, 28 February 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Fest' 2011 - The Cagebirds

Due to our success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, LUDS have decided to send another play up this year:

The play we are taking up is The Cagebirds by David Campton. 'Birds in a cage live, each totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics. When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by the mistress in charge of them, she endeavours to persuade them to break out from their self-imposed dependence and imprisonment into the wider world outside - but her efforts result only in her own destruction at their hands.'

Everyone is welcome to audition and get involved, however, being involved is a massive commitment of both your time and your wallet. Rehearsals during July are very intense and you will be required to pay for your own travel, food, and bording. But ask anyone who has been involved in the fringe fest production before and they will tell you how wonderfull the experience is.

The play was originally written for 8 women but we will be casting the parts with whoever is most suited to them, male or female. Auditions will be in the first two weeks after Easter (weeks 11 and 12 of term) and more info will be going out about this nearer the time.

We will be performing at Greenside Venues Studio One from the 6th to 13th August meaning we will be in Edinburgh from the 4th to settle in, start flyering and have the tech run.

For more information please get in contact with Gemma, the director via facebook or on

Keep checking the blog for more information regarding the upcoming LUDS v.s. LUST charity basketball match and other wonderful events.

Monday, 21 February 2011

LUDS Goes 21st Century!

Thanks to our Co-Publicity officer Luke Barton and our Tech and Backstage officer Gemma Sapp, LUDS has taken a generational leap forward by having one of those cool barcode thingies which, when scanned on your smart phone, will take you straight to the Liverpool Drama blog; the articulation and choice of vocabulary in that last sentsence will show you that I myself have no idea how these things work, so if you have any questions, click on one of the two names above.

In other news, Henry Bell who plays Reverend Cheesy-Balls in Importance is officially the best baker in LUDS. Anybody who wishes to contest that title is required to deliver a cake (preferably chocolate) of no less than 30cm in diameter to Igor Memic as soon as possible for judging.

In Harvey, Chris Kay has a camera phone which has the ability to make any rehearsal appear as though it were the setting of a low-budget yet carefully lit porn film. Evidence of which will be brought to you shortly.

And in Road, someone has committed suicide... Either that or I don't understand the game.

All the best,
The LUDS Committee xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Comedy Show Line-Up

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who came along to the Performing Arts Ball on Thursday, you all looked beautiful, and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

The cast for this term's sketch show - Pandemonium directed by Ronald Worrell - has just been released, and it is as follows:

Pandemonium directed by Ronald Worrell

Alex Pardey - Negg the Caveman
Kiran Bhandari - Dr. Hotshot
Jon Steven Neil - Thomas Edison
Chris Worrall - The Biebernator
Chi Chi Nwokoro - Mary Seacole
Shuo Sun - Miss Port Antonio
Nipuna Sunath Jayatunge - Chairman of Cheap-as-Chips
Richard Evans - Jeremus
Chris Wardle - Centurion
Gideon Essien - Robert Magabe
Precious Marie Badger - Amy "The Haemorrhoids Girl"
James Nixon - Emperor of China
Maryam Barzegar - Helen of Troy
Meggan Pye - Florence Nightingale

Voice actors:
Fenella Corrin - News Reporter/ Adverts
Alex Milward - Train Announcer/ Adverts

We're sure it's gonna be a good one.

Much love!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Welcome to Liverpool Drama Blogspot

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for Liverpool University Drama Society.

This blog will provide you with news, updates, and gossip regarding this term's productions and general Luds events. The blog will be updated weekly with progress updates and pictures from our four directors this terms as well as messages from the Luds committee.

As Promised; here is the complete cast list for this term's productions:

Death and the Maiden - Directed by Grace Kelly

Lindsey Henderson - Paulina Salas
Luke Barton - Gerardo Escobar
Sam Butler - Roberto Miranda

Harvey - Directed by Chris Kay

Alastair Clark - Elwood P. Dowd
Amber Brown - Veta Louise Simmons
Lauren Brighton - Myrtle Mae Simmons
Martin Poile - Dr. Lyman Sanderson
Leah von Fragstein - Nurse Ruth Kelly
Ed Hidden - Dr. William Chumley
Steve Andrew - Wilson
Shakeel Quader - Omar Gaffney
Jessica Beare - Betty Chumley
Carmen Sands - Mrs Chauvenet/Cabby

The Importance of Being Earnest - Directed by Jamie Macdougall

Chris Matus - Jack Worthing
Igor Memic - Algernon Moncrieff
Ruth Dalton - Gwendolyn Dairfax
Kat Denham - Cecily Cardew
Mia Rees - Lady Bracknell
Henry Bell - Rev. Chasuble
Prudence Beaumont - Miss Prism

Road - Directed by Connie Flint

Harriet Milstead - Scullery
Phil Kent - Brink/Curt
Matt Simba Pieterse - Eddie/Professor
Isham R Redwank - Skinlad/Brian
Rory Dickinson - Joey/Soldier
Zoe Wiles - Louise/Dor
Lydia Marston - Carol/Lane
Allie Hearne - Clare/Helen
Mary Cooper - Molly/Valerie/Linda
Catherine Fahy - Marion/Brenda