Monday, 28 February 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Fest' 2011 - The Cagebirds

Due to our success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, LUDS have decided to send another play up this year:

The play we are taking up is The Cagebirds by David Campton. 'Birds in a cage live, each totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics. When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by the mistress in charge of them, she endeavours to persuade them to break out from their self-imposed dependence and imprisonment into the wider world outside - but her efforts result only in her own destruction at their hands.'

Everyone is welcome to audition and get involved, however, being involved is a massive commitment of both your time and your wallet. Rehearsals during July are very intense and you will be required to pay for your own travel, food, and bording. But ask anyone who has been involved in the fringe fest production before and they will tell you how wonderfull the experience is.

The play was originally written for 8 women but we will be casting the parts with whoever is most suited to them, male or female. Auditions will be in the first two weeks after Easter (weeks 11 and 12 of term) and more info will be going out about this nearer the time.

We will be performing at Greenside Venues Studio One from the 6th to 13th August meaning we will be in Edinburgh from the 4th to settle in, start flyering and have the tech run.

For more information please get in contact with Gemma, the director via facebook or on

Keep checking the blog for more information regarding the upcoming LUDS v.s. LUST charity basketball match and other wonderful events.

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