Monday, 21 February 2011

LUDS Goes 21st Century!

Thanks to our Co-Publicity officer Luke Barton and our Tech and Backstage officer Gemma Sapp, LUDS has taken a generational leap forward by having one of those cool barcode thingies which, when scanned on your smart phone, will take you straight to the Liverpool Drama blog; the articulation and choice of vocabulary in that last sentsence will show you that I myself have no idea how these things work, so if you have any questions, click on one of the two names above.

In other news, Henry Bell who plays Reverend Cheesy-Balls in Importance is officially the best baker in LUDS. Anybody who wishes to contest that title is required to deliver a cake (preferably chocolate) of no less than 30cm in diameter to Igor Memic as soon as possible for judging.

In Harvey, Chris Kay has a camera phone which has the ability to make any rehearsal appear as though it were the setting of a low-budget yet carefully lit porn film. Evidence of which will be brought to you shortly.

And in Road, someone has committed suicide... Either that or I don't understand the game.

All the best,
The LUDS Committee xx

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