Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Welcome to Liverpool Drama Blogspot

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for Liverpool University Drama Society.

This blog will provide you with news, updates, and gossip regarding this term's productions and general Luds events. The blog will be updated weekly with progress updates and pictures from our four directors this terms as well as messages from the Luds committee.

As Promised; here is the complete cast list for this term's productions:

Death and the Maiden - Directed by Grace Kelly

Lindsey Henderson - Paulina Salas
Luke Barton - Gerardo Escobar
Sam Butler - Roberto Miranda

Harvey - Directed by Chris Kay

Alastair Clark - Elwood P. Dowd
Amber Brown - Veta Louise Simmons
Lauren Brighton - Myrtle Mae Simmons
Martin Poile - Dr. Lyman Sanderson
Leah von Fragstein - Nurse Ruth Kelly
Ed Hidden - Dr. William Chumley
Steve Andrew - Wilson
Shakeel Quader - Omar Gaffney
Jessica Beare - Betty Chumley
Carmen Sands - Mrs Chauvenet/Cabby

The Importance of Being Earnest - Directed by Jamie Macdougall

Chris Matus - Jack Worthing
Igor Memic - Algernon Moncrieff
Ruth Dalton - Gwendolyn Dairfax
Kat Denham - Cecily Cardew
Mia Rees - Lady Bracknell
Henry Bell - Rev. Chasuble
Prudence Beaumont - Miss Prism

Road - Directed by Connie Flint

Harriet Milstead - Scullery
Phil Kent - Brink/Curt
Matt Simba Pieterse - Eddie/Professor
Isham R Redwank - Skinlad/Brian
Rory Dickinson - Joey/Soldier
Zoe Wiles - Louise/Dor
Lydia Marston - Carol/Lane
Allie Hearne - Clare/Helen
Mary Cooper - Molly/Valerie/Linda
Catherine Fahy - Marion/Brenda

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