Thursday, 12 May 2011

EdFringes, AGMs and Committees

As the summer approaches and exam fever gets underway, the LUDS year is drawing to a close once again, and that means several things. Firstly, we've had auditions for incipient LUDS Edinburgh Fringe show, The Cagebirds, and it's therefore our pleasure to announce that the cast will be:
The Long-Tongued Gossip: Katherine Denham
The Mirror-Eyed Gazer: Ruth Dalton
The Medicated Gloom: Luke Barton
The Regular Thump: Edward Hidden
The Constant Twitting: Lindsey Henderson
The Great Guzzler: Matthew Pieterse
The Wild One: Katy Syme
The Mistress: TBC
Director: Gemma Sapp
Assistant Director: Rebecca Cope

Congratulations to everyone whose audition was successful and best of luck with the show - hopefully lots of LUDSies will be able to get up to Edinburgh and see it, because it promises to be a corker and, let's face it, the Fringe is the only place for a luvvie to be in August.

Meanwhile, it's also been time for the Drama Society's Annual General Meeting, at which the committee for the year ahead is elected after lots of lovely speeches in a hot Guild room. This year, 2011-12, your committee will be:

Co-President: Sam Butler
Co-President: Luke Barton
Secretary: Martin Poile
Treasurer: Fenella Corrin
Social Secs: Allie Hearne and Rio Matchett
Community Sec: Maggie Hayes
Marketing and Publicity: Lauren Mooney and Tom Ready
Backstage and Technical: Branwen Jones
Head of Scribble: Ali Clark

Finally, and before this post starts looking like nothing but a big list of names, we can't discuss the LUDS calendar without mentioning that the event of the year is on the way: the Liverpool University Drama Annual Awards, or LUDAAs; aka our very own version of the Oscars. It's a great excuse for everyone to put on some excellent clothes (are we the best dressed society? We're certainly up there), eat a slap-up meal and have a jolly good dance. This year, they're being held on Tuesday 7th June 2011 at Noble House on Brunswick Street - so get your nominations sent in before the deadline, Wednesday 18th May.
So keep an eye on your emails for information on pitching for next semester, which should be along not too far in the future, and on this blog - and we hope to see you all at a knees-up very soon.

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  1. Well written, good use of both primary and secondary sources. A commendable performance.